ERP in Commodity & Trading

Companies which trade or manufacture commodities face a huge number of challenges in today’s competitive climate. Insight into market positions, contracts, currency positions, operational risk (both control and processes) and compliance with laws and legislation are all crucial to trading activities. Experience the benefits of Cadran’s JD Edwards Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) solution.

Meet Crucial Conditions with ERP for Commodity Trading

The solution includes a contract management, risk management and supply chain component and can be used by international trading companies, production companies and refineries. The CTRM solution is fully integrated with the standard functionality of Oracle JD Edwards ERP.

The Commodity Trading & Risk solution is based on Oracle JD Edwards ERP software and supports a broad range of operating processes, including:

  • Financial Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Inventory management
  • Contracts of Sale
  • Currency Contracts
  • Flat purchase contracts
  • Future contracts
  • Position management
  • Premium contracts
  • Risk management
  • Determination of profit
  • Weigh bridge interface
  • Supply management (procurement)
  • Business Intelligence

Commercial Benefits of Oracle's JD Edwards ERP for Commodity Traders 

The white paper 'Commodity Traders Make Better Deals with ERP' explains all commercial benefits that an ERP system facilitates. Read the free white paper by downloading it on the right side of this page.