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JDE JET Forms & Orchestrator to boost manufacturing productivity

A quick guide to using JET Forms and JDE Orchestrator to boost productivity on the shop floor. Using the latest JD Edwards innovations we've built a handy tool to boost manufacturing efficiency. Thanks to a simple UI, your team on the shop floor and the production manager can easily assess and act on EnterpriseOne data.

Use Case 1: Recording Time on the Shop Floor

Make your operators lives easier and reduce manual data-entry errors with this intuitive user interface. During the working day or at the end of the shift, the operator can automatically record time given to specific tasks.

If you have to interrupt operations, you can control the range of options to choose and you can either let the time be calculated automatically or manually update it.

EnterpriseOne will be updated in real-time. You can customise the system to your needs with a list of time to be recorded.

This data can then be aggregated to analyse production efficiency.

See JD Edwards JET FORMS & Orchestrator in action - Efficiently recording Manufacturing Operators Time

Use Case 2: Work Centre Scheduling

Analyse and act on any capacity issues thanks to an intuitive dashboard with drag and drop scheduling capabilities.

Green = Remaining Capacity Available || Blue = unvalidated order || Orange = validated order


The calendar can be displayed for 1 month, 2 months or 2 weeks. Today‘s date can also be selected.It is possible to change the date for an operation using drag and drop capabilities.

When an operation is moved to another date, the standard E1 Orchestration is called. This orchestration adjusts the WO requested date by the number of days we have moved the operation (backwards or forwards) . Then the standard E1 capabilities are used to recalculate the start and end date for all the operations in the Work Order routing.

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